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  1. UZI + SCAR-L; M762 + S12K; M416 + S686; That's it from today's guide about the best gun combinations for each map in PUBG Mobile. Now you are ready to jump in the battles with these guns and show everyone who is the boss! Related - PUBG Mobile Bonfire Mode 'Spark the Flame' guide. What is your favourite gun combination in PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comment section below! You can.
  2. SCAR-L - Official PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Wiki. Gamepedia. Help . Sign In. Register. SCAR-L . From PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. SCAR-L Details Statistics Updated. 6/25/19 (Version: N/A) Overview Hit Damage. 41 Initial Bullet Speed. 870 m/s Body Hit Impact Power. 9,000 Zero Range. 100 - 500 Time Between Shots. 0.096s Firing Modes. Single, Auto Burst.
  3. Is anyone else sick of small maps. I've been playing pubg since it came to xbox and haven't stopped playing since. But as of late I am starting to get burnt out I was really hoping for at the very least a 6x6 map but i really wanted was an 8x8
  4. Browse and download Minecraft Pubg Maps by the Planet Minecraft community
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Karakin is the smallest map among the other 4 maps of Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and Livik. The small 2 x 2 km map, is almost half the size of Sanhok. It can have a maximum capacity of only 64 players. This makes your drop location crucial Update 11.1 ist jetzt auf dem Liveserver! Springt zurück in die überarbeitete Landschaft von Paramo! Dort können ihr unter anderem die neuesten Änderungen der Waffenbalance ausprobieren, die Schadenserhöhungen für Mini-14 SCAR-L, Sawed-off and R45 the other Miramar weapons that are not freely available across all the three PUBG maps. Miramar Map Loot Places One could find maximum loot at the following three loot. Exclusive weapons that can only be found on this PUBG Mobile Miramar Map are the R45, SCAR-L, and Sawed-off. Interestingly, the three exclusive weapons in Miramar are the most painful weapons in PUBG Mobile. Of course this will provide a bigger challenge. It is certain that players are looking for the following exclusive weapons. List of Places on the Miramar PUBG Mobile Map. There are several. Season 4 krempelt PUBG um: Das Map-Update für Erangel ist längst nicht alles Unter den Sturmgewehren wurde der Schadens-Output von M416, G36K, QBZ, SCAR-L, AKM, Groza und AUG leicht.

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New Day New Video. :) ----- Follow me :) www.instagram.com/arr.. PUBG Mobile Miramar is the largest map with unique terrain and natural landscape. So, you need to have a unique strategy and gun combination to get Chicken Dinner on this map. Here are the best gun combinations to conquer Miramar Map in PUBG Mobile Explore PUBG weapon analytics data from GOSU.AI. All the statistics are gathered in one place. PUBG guns comparison . We use cookies to make the site more comfortable for you. By continuing to use this website, you agree with its terms. Read more. Accept. GOSU.AI PUBG Change game. PUBG . Choose game Dota 2 PUBG League of Legends. Maps Weapons Weapon Tiers Club Blog . Login . PUBG Maps Weapons. The SCAR-L is a fairly accurate weapon even at long range as long as it's single or burst shots. With the right scope, players can use it to beat enemies from a distance. Full Auto is Devastating in Close Range. With its high fire rate, the SCAR-L can bring an enemy down in seconds. Going full auto for long however is not recommended due to its. While there, you can try out the latest weapon balance updates that include damage increases for the Mini-14, VSS, and SCAR-L. You can also work on the 10 new Mastery Medals added to bling up your revamped PUBG ID. On larger maps, deploy the new Emergency Pickup to grab a quick transport over to the safe zone for you and your squad. 11.1 also features Killfeed updates, new ways to find and add.

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SCAR-L is stable and easy to use. Besides, SCAR-L also has a lower reload duration. It takes you only 2.2s to reload the SCAR-L without quickdraw mag. Meanwhile, you waste 2.9s to reload a default mag of AKM. AKM Vs. SCAR-L: Popularity. SCAR-L is only spawned in three out of five maps in PUBG Mobile. It's replaced by QBZ in Sanhok and G36C in. Also Read: 5 Tips for Safe Playing on the Vikendi PUBG Mobile Map, to Last Longer! Fire Rate. The fire rate between the two turns out to have quite a significant difference, which is almost 1 second different. Again, the G36C must be superior when compared to the SCAR-L. The G36C has a fire rate of 3.80 seconds while the SCAR-L has a fire rate of 4.72 seconds. Quite a difference, right? In.

Weapons such as Mini-14, VSS and SCAR-L are also being balanced and increased damage. To learn more about all the notes, visit the PUBG website. It's all about the return of Paramo map, as well as prominent changes and improvements players should be aware of in the patch notes 11.1. Hope this information will be useful to you. Do not forget to update the PUBG news to install PUBG Season 11. Vue Ap Erangel ist die erste Map, auf der ihr PUBG spielen konntet. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine fiktionale Insel in der Nähe Russlands. Hier wurden chemische und biologische Experimente an den.. The map in SCAR game is quite open. It features lots of areas to explore. You are free to visit those areas, but make sure you watch your surroundings, or you will get shot. In SCAR online, you can also find a vehicle to improve your movement speed. When you drive it, you can get to the place you want faster. The vehicles come in various types. You can drive some easily, for instance, a buggy.

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  1. PUBG update #29 is live: here's our guide to the latest PUBG patch notes for update 29 to get you up to speed. Meanwhile, we've dedicated pages on the Sanhok map, Erangel map and Miramar map and.
  2. SCAR-L - PUBG MOBILE fires 5.56mm rounds and has both a single and a full auto mode. Light recoil, stability, and accuracy make this weapon easier to master. Its rate of fire is lower than other 5.56mm rifles. But a fine weapon nonetheless
  3. pubg battle points (bp) pubg mobile tips and tricks; pubg new map livik; pubg new update 0.19.0; shroud pubg settings; pubg arcade mode; pubg jungle adventure mode; pubg vehicles; pubg arctic mode; pubg skin
  4. PUBG Mobile PC Gameplay (5.22.2018) • Playing DUO With My Daughter • WARNING Not In English; New Android Emulator That Runs PUBG Mobile Really Well • The Kabalyero Show; PUBG Mobile On PC (6.16.2018) DEATH BY PLAYZONE! MIRAMAR Map, Classic Solo • PUBG Mobile On PC (6.15.2018
  5. Scar-L can be found throughout the map in PUBG Mobile. However, this weapon is said to be quite rare, with levels found much lower than AKM or other Rifle, SMG. This is probably not surprising because this gun is perfect for damage balance, high range and low recoil. Besides, gamers can also equip a variety of accessories to support Scar-L
  6. PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 Map New Visual Update ; Maintenance Notice: Apr 16 ; PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Beta Update ; PUBG Mobile Subscriptions - Prime and Prime Plus Price & Details ; Maintenance Notice: Feb 18 ; Esports . PMCO Fall Split 2019 Schedule, Region, & Prize Pool ; PMCO Spring Global Finals, Matches Format, & Team Paticipants ; PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 All Region Team unveils ; PUBG.
  7. ation Map. Just like Team Deathmatch, the PUBG Mobile Do
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Map. Karakin Erangel Miramar Sanhok Vikendi Training Mode Paramo. Weapon Damage Circles. 100% 75% 100% 60% 110% 50% 100% 95% 30% 100% 60% 50% 30%. Info for PUBG version — Generated 2021/04/03. Damage. Hits to kill. Time to kill * Burst mode. Distance: Damage per shotgun pellet. Body Armour (0-3): Helmet (0-3): No Helmet. Level 1 Helmet. Level 2 Helmet. Level 3 Helmet. No Armor. Then here on BrightestGames.com, we have prepared this third-person shooter called Scar Pubg. Start playing this scar game, customize the player appearance from dozens of cool features like heats with a gas mask, hat, joben, hunting hat. You can leave your player naked wearing only shorts or you can choose for his different types of clothes like shirts and trousers, running suits, camouflage. Alle Pistolen aus PUBG. Pistolen sind von der Leistung her zwar relativ schwach, dafür sind die Handfeuerwaffen aber so häufig auf der Map zu finden, wie kein anderer Waffentyp Scar-L is An Effective Weapon And Perfect Assault Rifle in PUBG Mobile! PUBG Mobile Karakin map will come up with a lot of brilliant features, and it will replace the Vikendi map. It will appear right after this month! And there are three highlight points in this Anniversary Livestream Party: The new map is required to show up on April 7, 2021, and will supplant the Vikendi map. The new. PUBG MOBILE is a Battle Royale mobile game created independently by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios of Tencent Game, officially licensed by PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. It was released globally in March 2018. Built with Unreal Engine 4, PUBG MOBILE focuses on visual quality, maps, shooting experience, and other aspects, providing an all-rounded surreal Battle Royale experience to players. A.

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Map Model; 5.0 2,151 19 Statue of Liberty - Happiness Island [YMAP] 1.0. By jamesays. Building; Scene; 4.88 852 27 Wiwang to Samsung HQ Building [ Ymap add-on ] 1.1. By jamesays. Graphics; Misc Texture; House; 4.83 4,599 70 Michael's House [DLC] [Complete Insideout Retexture] - Titanic elegance vintage style . 1.4 patch. By jamesays. Aircraft; Fictional; 5.0 553 4 PUBG C-130t Cargo plane [add. SCAR 5 PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik Each PUBG match sets one single goal before the player - to survive at any cost. They also start in about the same way: at night, by parachuting from an unmarked plane onto a map with an area of around 64 kilometers. This will be your battlegrounds - there is no way beyond the boundaries. Cooped up inside this territory are a bunch of soldiers that all. The assault rifle which replaces the SCAR-L takes 5.56 rounds and holds 30 shots a magazine. But thanks to its loud noise, it is recommended to search for a silencer or at least a compensator. Thankfully though, it has a fast fire rate, so going up against enemies head-on shouldn't be an issue. Limited Time Missions. To celebrate the launch of the new map, PUBG is also rolling out limited. Neue Waffe in PUBG: Zur Karte gehört außerdem die exklusive Waffe QBZ95. Das ist ein AR (Sturmgewehr), das 5.56mm Munition nutzt. Ins Magazin passen 30 Schuss, aufgewertet 40 Schuss. Das QBZ95 spawnt statt der SCAR-L auf Sanhok - Die SCAR-L gibt's da nicht What You need to know about Sanhok map on PUBG mobile. Before the new map is live, it'll be good for you to have some idea before jumping on the Sanhok island. Unlike the Erangel and Miramar map which have 8×8 KM area, Sanhok map on PUBG mobile will have only 4×4 KM area. This makes it pretty small map and a top choice for those who just want to jump and fight instead of roaming around in.

Tips kuasai senjata SCAR-L PUBG Mobile yang kedua adalah cara mencari senjata ini. Tentu, akan sangat lucu bila kalian tidak tahu cara untuk mendapatkan SCAR-L. Untuk mendapatkannya ini merupakan hal yang cukup mudah. Sedikit informasi, SCAR-L hanya terdapat di dua map yaitu Erangel dan Miramar. Di tempat-tempat yang biasanya kaya akan senjata seperti di Georgopol (Erangel) atau di HDP. Finally, SCAR is a game that has some brilliant vehicles such as buggies, quad bikes, and cars. Although most vehicles do not have weapons, you can use them to travel around the large map quickly. Moreover, vehicles can provide cover too or a quick getaway


PUBG 's Map Selection update has officially deployed to live servers after a few hours of downtime. In accord with the Update 12 Test Server patch last week, this one adds an SLR weapon, Miado. PUBG New Gun: QBZ95 Specs, Location, Map Bradley Russell Tuesday, June 19, 2018 You can never have enough things to go shooty-bang-bang when it comes to a battle royale game Assault Rifles Image Name Ammo Magazine Damage Range Stability Fire rate Attachment Location M16A4 5.56 30 41 62 36 81 3 World M416 5.56 30 41 57 36 7 The map's most distinctive feature is its size; unlike Erangel or Miramar, Sanhok is 4km x 4km, making it one-fourth as large as PUBG's previous two maps. Despite its smaller scale, it still hosts. Unsere sechs Hotspots für Loot-Jäger in PUBG haben wir auf dieser Karte markiert. Ein wesentlicher, spielentscheidender Punkt in jeder Runde Playerunknown's Battlegrounds ist die Landung zum.

PUBG Corporation has revealed the Metro Royale game mode's release date for PUBG Mobile as 10th November 2020. Read more: PUBG Mobile will no longer operate in India There's no specific release time available just yet but fans across the globe can expect to download the update on 10th November with the Metro Royale mode opening up on 11th November in certain regions PUBG-Radar. READ ME FIRST! This is just a radar! This can not working alone. It needs a memory reader like: jussihi/PUBG-map-hack. So please dont ask why it's not working, get your memory reader first The map is much more tightly packed together than any other PUBG map, thanks to its small 4km x 4km size, making it a quarter of the size of Erangel and Miramar, PUBG's other two maps

Paramo is PUBG's first dynamic map making each and every trip there unique. According to the patch notes, locations will change between matches, forcing players to think on their feet and plan their strategy only when the helicopter doors are opened. Unlike the rest of PUBG's maps though, Paramo is a seasonal match exclusive for Season 9 only. This means it'll be played in a separate TPP. PUBG weapons, PUBG gun, PUBG parts, PUBG weapon list, PUBG ar, PUBG sr, pubg wiki, pubg rifle. Current PUBG Players : 80,939 Home Leaderboards Weapon Analysis Map Info OP.GG Inde Eliminate 200 enemies with the SCAR-L in Arena. Kill 20 enemies with SCAR-L in Classic mode. Open 8 Air Drops in Classic mode. PUBG Mobile Season 18 Week 5 Royale Pass Missions Friend Squad Boost: Travel more than 30,000m while operating any vehicle in Classic mode. It makes sense to pair this with the Elite Mission down below that demands three kills with you behind the wheel. 30,000 meters. A new map is expected to launch in PUBG this week and Sanhok certainly looks to add something different to the game. With a focus on a much smaller playable area (some 4 x 4 km), you can expect faster, more frantic matches than are typically provided on the game's larger Erangel and Miramar maps. To help you master Sanhok, we've put together a guide packed full of handy tips to help you.

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PUBG Mobile Vikendi snow map is now live and we checked it out on Android 8.1-running Asus Zenfone Max M2. Here's what you need to know about PUBG Vikendi snow up PUBG: New State weapons may include bionic arm blades, futuristic guns, and much more if the recent gameplay trailer is any indication. Here's what you need to know PUBG is getting a new map this week. In a tweet this morning, PUBG Corp. revealed after four rounds of testing, Sanhok will release on PC Thursday as part of Patch #15.. Sanhok will be PUBG's.

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  1. The iconic Karakin map from PUBG on PC, which was supposed to get revealed at the Global Championship, will release as part of PUBG Mobile's 1.3 update. Karakin is located on the coast of North Africa. It stretches 2 square kilometers and is dry, open, and filled with rocks. On Karakin, every moment will challenge you. It is a small and thrilling map that combines Miramar's tension with.
  2. Die neue Map in PUBG ist da und kann ab heute auf den Test-Servern ausprobiert werden. Der Name: Vikendi. Nach Erangel, Miranmar und Sanhok gesellt sich somit bereits die 4. Battle Royale Karte zu dem Mappool. Vikendi ist eine Schneekarte und 6x6km groß und liegt damit genau zwischen Miranmar und Sanhok. Die Map kommt dann am 19. Dezember mit dem Update #24 auf die offiziellen Server. Die.
  3. In pubg mobile three places are the most famous place pochinki, los leones and in sanhok map boot camp is the famous place. very high quantity of loot and very high quality of loot place. t his place is bold in size.you can find Lot's of gum, ammo and med kit's many player land here. Loot Quantity: Very Very High; Loot Quality: Very Very Hig
  4. Alasan Kenapa SCAR-L Menjadi Senjata Favorit di PUBG Mobile YouTube/ARTIS 1. Mudah Ditemukan. Alasan pertama kenapa SCAR-L menjadi senjata favorit di game ialah karena senjata ini mudah untuk ditemukan di arena. SCAR-L bisa ditemukan di map New Erangel, Miramar, dan Livik. Ada pun untuk map Vikendi, SCAR-L digantikan oleh G36C. Di map Sanhok.
  5. It's a weapon that replaces the SCAR-L on the Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile. The weapon doesn't really differ from the SCAR-L when it comes to its attributes and offers a decent fire rate. The QBZ-95 can be a really effective AR if used with a grip and muzzle. Image credits: PUBG Gamepedia . 8. M16A4. The M16A4 is another great choice which is also frequently spotted in the game. It is mostly used.
  6. Best places to loot in Sanhok on PUBG Mobile. The new Sonhok map brings with it a new assault rifle, QBZ, which uses 5.56mm ammo. QBZ has been brought in as a replacement for the Scar-L

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Hey guys! Welcome to my guide, My name is LaMelo and in this guide I will be showing you all the available & upcoming PUBG Weapon Skins! I will make sure to update this guide always so stay tuned Lihat Detail Qbz Yuk Senjata Baru Di Map Sanhok Pubg Mobile Grid Games. Save Image. Pubg Mobile Best Place To Find Qbz Rifle Gun How To Get Qbz Rifle Gun In Pubg Mobile 100 Youtube . Save Image. New Map Sanhok New Gun Qbz Pubg Mobile Update Youtube. Save Image. Qbz Stats Best Attachments Tips Gamewith. Save Image. Qbz Sebagai Pengganti Scar L Di Sanhok Pubg Mobile Mana Yang Terbaik Esportsku. Scar-L is equipped with 5.56 mm ammunition that can be found throughout the map in PUBG Mobile. However, the level of this weapon is much lower than that of AKM or other types of Rifle and SMG. Perhaps this is of course because this gun is considered to be quite perfect because of its balanced stats, high range and low recoil. In addition, there are many accessories to support Scar-L Support. Paramo New Map Official Teaser Pubg Pubg Mobile Hidden Details Pubg New Map Scar 31 Youtube. Save Image. Pubg Tease New Paramo Map For Season 9. Save Image. New Map Paramo Pubg Mobile Youtube. Save Image. Battle Royale Diatas Gunung Berapi Pubg Resmi Beri Bocoran Hadirnya Map Terbaru Paramo. Save Image . Pubg Season 9 Meluncur Ke Pc Ini Detail Peta Barunya. Save Image. Pubg Paramo Map Pc Test. PUBG Console Update 11.1 - Server Downtime Schedule. According to the official PUBG Support Twitter Account, the downtime schedule for the latest PUBG 11.1 Console Update will be: Downtime Start.

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Sanhok is the latest addition to the PUBG map family and it is now available for you to scramble and shoot across on PC - arriving as it did on June 22. The vaguely Vietnam-themed island is more. PUBG Update 11.1 is live now: Full patch notes and what's new. PUBG Update 11.1 is here, as Season 10 gives way to Season 11 on all platforms PUBG has officially tweeted that the brand new map KARAKIN is officially live and will replace the Vikendi map. and SCAR-L. You can also work on the 10 new Mastery Medals added to bling up your revamped PUBG ID. On larger maps, deploy the new Emergency Pickup to grab a quick transport over to the safe zone for you and your squad. 11.1 also features Killfeed updates, new ways to find and. PUBG: Tipps für den Sieg im Battle-Royale-Turnier. Im Folgenden wollen wir euch alle Waffen der einzelnen Kategorien im Detail vorstellen. Hier könnt ihr sie direkt in einzelnen Kategorien. PUBG Sanhok weapons. QBZ95 Ammo: 5.56. Struggling to find the SCAR-L on Sanhok? In the PUBG new map the SCAR-L has been replaced by the Chinese QBZ95, a modern bullpup assault rifle. This world.

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You likely already know PUBG's assault rifles can do some serious damage, and the overall best weapon found throughout any map or in any weapon category is the M416. Not only can it utilize all. PUBG Mobile Season 18 features. The stable version will include most features from the beta version 1.3.0 of PUBG Mobile. This means there will be the Karakin map that will be available to players. It will be the sixth battle royale map after Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Livik. It is located on the North African coasts and stretches. Our PUBG: Erangel guide contains tips, best places to land, vehicles and the best weapons for playing on PUBG's first map. Erangel is the original PUBG map, characterised by its open woodland areas, steep hillsides, dense cities and infamous deathtraps such as the Military Base PUBG Vikendi Map: G36C assault rifle, Survivor Pass details. With the upcoming Vikendi map, PUBG gamers will also receive a new weapon. While beta testers have spotted the SCAR rifle, PUBG has confirmed the inclusion of the G36C Assault Rifles for gameplay. This, of course, will be added as exclusive gear, besides the Snowmobile. Of course, the. The PUBG update 1.65 patch notes have been announced today by PUBG Corp., which is available for PS4 and Xbox One versions of the battle royale title. This is a pretty major update, adding Season.

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