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The libGDX setup tool creates a basic hello world application that shows a single image and a red background. Typically you'll use the desktop project to quickly test your code as you go, and then use the Android and HTML projects when you deploy Figure 1: LibGDX Set-Up App When you select the Generate button, this app will create a Gradle project, not an IntelliJ project. The next step is to load that project into IntelliJ. When you start up IntelliJ, you should see the screen below The first thing we need to do is to setup a new LibGDX Project. If you don't know how to create a LibGDX project you can read this guide on how to use the LibGDX Project Generator tool to create projects for eclipse. Now we know how to make a project we should make one, and name the main class Box2DTutorial. This will help keep your project in line with this guide. Make sure you add the Box2D extension or you will not be able to import the classes needed for this guide. Below is a. LibGDX has a fairly simple setup, with the help of a simple Java program. You can find the download here. When you startup the application, it will look something like this: Note: This screenshot have been taken on Linux and shows path that differs from a Windows installation. However, the form is the same on any OS compatible with this setup applicatio

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The setup process changed slightly again. On the bright site, it's easier now, read here. EDIT: Jun 24/2014 ** IMPORTANT READ ME ** The process for creating a LibGDX project has changed substantially since this post was created. There is now a Gradle based application that makes creating new projects much simpler and allows you to use IDEs other than Eclipse. Read this post on getting. Set Up a Dev Env; Generate a Project; Importing & Running; A Simple Game; Extending the Simple Game; Demos & Tutorials; Documentation. Wiki; Javadocs; Versions; Tools & Frameworks. Awesome-libGDX; Tools; Contributing to libGDX. Contributing Guidelines; Reporting an Issue; Roadmap; Working from Source; Building the Natives; Fundin

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  1. libGDX : Open libGDX download page using following link : libGDX and click Download Setup App . Doing that you will see a file named gdx-setup.jar downloaded which is the main setup app for libGDX projects .It is Gradle based setup application which will download all that's required automatically! Once all this is done We can say most setup.
  2. CHECK LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION Download JDK (needed for Java development) PC: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151...
  3. Libgdx 1: How to install Libgdx and run your first Application. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next
  4. Folgendes Setup lässt mich mein Demo anstandslos starten und es fühl sich flott und lebendig an. Das ist ein perfektes Setup für den Start an Argh! Earthlings! für Android (und anderen Systemen). Das Projekt habe ich zunächst mit dem libGDX-setup.jar, wie in der Doku angegeben, aufgesetzt. Keine Sonderlocken. Es sollte für Android, Desktop und iOS verfügbar sein
  5. Since LibGDX 1.1, there has been a massively improved way of creating a LibGDX project. This document looks at how you get up and started using the setup application. First thing you have to do is download it. Head on over to the LibGDX download page and download Setup App. Now that you've downloaded the file gdx-setup.jar, double click it and say OK to any security questions. If it doesn.
  6. java -jar gdx-setup-ui.jar. this is spit out. C:\Libgdx\libgdx-nightly-20140305>java -jar gdx-setup-ui.jar Exception in thread AWT-EventQueue-0 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: new c hild is null at javax.swing.tree.DefaultMutableTreeNode.insert(Unknown Source) at javax.swing.tree.DefaultMutableTreeNode.add(Unknown Source) at aurelienribon.gdxsetupui.ui.panels.PreviewPanel$ResultTree.update(Unk nown Source) at aurelienribon.gdxsetupui.ui.panels.PreviewPanel$ResultTree.(Unk.

Hi there. I'm a senior in high school and I've been tasked with creating a 2d 1980 arcade style game for my school competition. A few days ago I was recommended to try LibGDX because OpenGL is too complex for such a simple game. My issue is just setting it up! I've watched video after video attempt Doing that you will see a file named gdx-setup.jar downloaded which is the main setup app for libGDX projects.It is Gradle based setup application which will download all that's required automatically! Once all this is done We can say most setup are done and we are ready to execute the demo app provided by libGDX The Screen interface contains its own lifecycle functions that are called by libGDX and allow you to isolate screen-specific logic in a separate class. Your project will usually contain multiple classes that implements Screen: one for each screen in your game

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Jetzt besprechen wir das LibGDX Project Setup: Die Entwickler von LibGDX machen uns die Sache mittlerweile sehr einfach. Auf dieser Seite könnt ihr mit dem Button Download Setup App eine ausführbare JAR Datei downloaden, welche das vollständige Erstellen aller notwendigen Projekte, di libGDX Project Setup POC. Restore App. Run App. A proof of concept for the new libGDX Project Setup. We are aiming to create a web-based replacement for the current libGDX Project Generator. Credits to Mr. Stahlfelge and MGSX for their work on the backend. More information. Status: In development: Category: Tool: Platforms: HTML5: Author : raeleus: Tags: app, Generator, java, libGDX, project. to know more about libgdx project setup watch this video or you can read this tutorial. Getting your AppWarp application keys. Top. Since you will be integrating with AppWarp cloud services, you need to get your application keys from ShepHertz developer dashboard AppHq. These keys identify your application zone on ShepHertz cloud service and are required so that AppWarp cloud can segregate. I advice against Eclipse, worked with it for years but to step away from it was the best decision i ever made. I work in Android Studio now for all my java projects, also none android projects but you can use Jetbrains Intelij (which AS is based upon) as well. I used to run in lots of IDE problems

Installation oder Setup 2 Eingabefelder 3 Unterprojekte 4 Erweiterungen 4 Erweitert 4 Generation 5 LibGDX Hallo Welt 5 Laufen Sie Ihr Spiel 6 Laufen mit Eclipse 6 Laufen mit Intellij Idea 7 Was passiert in der MyGdxGame-Klasse? 8 LibGDX Allgemeiner Überblick 9 Unterstützung für plattformspezifischen Code hinzufügen 9 Vermögensverwalter 10 Das 2D-Szenendiagramm 11 Kapitel 2: Ashley Entity. Anonymous on Full LibGDX Game Tutorial - General Improvements; Alexa Coleman on Last Week; good blog,thank so much for your time in writing the posts. on Full LibGDX Game Tutorial - Project setup; good blog,thank so much for your effort in writing the posts. on Full LibGDX Game Tutorial - Project setup Develop with LibGDX¶. The LibGDX game engine is a fantastic project for Java developers who're building cross-platform games. It's open-source and incorporates lots of components to accelerate development.. Nakama server is a perfect complement to add server-side features to a LibGDX game. We'll use the official Java client to communicate with the server and setup a project to develop locally This book starts off by introducing you to LibGDX and how to use its project setup tool to build an application that can support multiple platforms, before gradually moving on to configuring your game. Then, you will learn to organize resources, create a scene, actors, and a menu system

LibGDX is an open source cross-platform game development framework in Java. Write your game once and run it on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and HTML5. LibGDX info and tutorials gets you started with your Indie Game with ready to use resources and samples. This site complements the official LibGDX wiki or documentation Installation or Setup LibGDX has a fairly simple setup, with the help of a simple Java program. You can find the download here. When you startup the application, it will look something like this

This document looks at how you get up and started using the setup application. First thing you have to do is download it. Head on over to the LibGDX download page and download Setup App. Now that you've downloaded the file gdx-setup.jar, double click it and say OK to any security questions Located and double click gdx-setup-ui.jar in the root directory of the libGDX. The following Window should load: If it doesn't, you appear to have a problem with your Java install If you're planning on deploying to Android, you should also probably read the Android tutorials as well. Setup. Prepare your workspace. Hello World. Create your first libGDX game. User Input. React to user input. Multiple Game Screens. Show different screens in your game This part will focus on the Box2D basic, creating a world, stepping it through time and adding different types of bodies to it. If you haven't seen the earlier parts of this tutorial I advise you to start at Full LibGDX Game Tutorial - Project setup as this tutorial continues from these earlier parts. For those of you who have come from part 2, you can continue on

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If you haven't seen part 1 of this tutorial you can view it on Full LibGDX Game Tutorial - Project setup where it explains how to create this project as well as setting up the screens and menu. So now we can run our game and we get our menu. Let's start by adding the exit action so we can exit our game with the exit button Based on the date (this is the normal order in which the tutorials were released) Game Development LibGDX Tutorial LibGDX setup using Android Sudio (How To 1) Change orientation to landscape - hide Android virtual buttons (How To 2) Resolution independence (Common Problems 1) Aspect ratio independence (Common Problems 2) Create a responsive splash screen using scene2D (How To 3) Create a. Texture.bind() is what binds the texture from LibGDX to texture unit 0 in the GLSL shader. We then pass in our required uniform values using setUniformMatrix and setUniformi ( as in int ). This is how you set up uniform values from the Java side of the fence. u_texture is saying which texture unit to use, while u_projTrans is the transformation matrix for positioning items within our world. In this case we are simply using the projection matrix from the SpriteBatch One downside of the Google Play infrastructure is that it only works on Android devices (so if your Libgdx app also runs on other platforms, those will need a different solution). Google Play infrastructure also assumes that your Android clients can talk to each other and can push simple state (like win/loss values and saved game state) to the Google servers or between each other libGDX Project Setup POC by raeleus A proof of concept for the new libGDX Project Setup. We are aiming to create a web-based replacement for the current libGDX Project Generator. Credits to Mr. Stahlfelge and MGSX for their work on the backend

Learn how to setup, run, debug and package your libgdx application! More info at http://github.com/libgdx/libgdx.wiki and http://libgdx.badlogicgames.com I would not recommend using libGDX for a headless environment, it was simply not designed to be used that way and you may encounter issues in the future as the libGDX team changes the framework. However, as Rod pointed out, it is entirely possible to do so and below is a snippet of how you would go about it. To initialize the Gdx.files global you will need to create a class in the backend package and setup the globals yourself Have a look at the setup guide on the Android website. We'll use the command line tool to setup a new LibGDX project. You can customize the values in the cmdflags to suit your project. java -jar./gdx-setup.jar --dir beahero --name be-a-hero \ --package com.heroiclabs.games.beahero --mainClass BeAHeroMai LibGDX ist eine kostenlose, in Java entwickelte Open-Source-Bibliothek zur Entwicklung von Spielen. Ziel ist es, Benutzern zu ermöglichen, plattformübergreifende Spiele zu entwickeln, die auf Desktop-, Android-, iOS- und Webbrowsern laufen. Schreiben Sie einmal Code, stellen Sie ihn auf einer der wichtigsten Plattformen bereit Finally, LibGDX built in networking is fairly simple, limited to just socket programming. For more robust networking support check out kryonet, it supported in LibGDX and is reported to work across all LibGDX platforms except HTML5. Which isn't really surprising, as the author Nathan Sweet is also a LibGDX contributor

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As always, the installation/setup is the most boring part of the tutorial. Thankfully, this is very fast and easy! Kudos to the libGDX team for making this easy. Setup Java, Download ADT. If you do not have Java installed on your machine, and you do not have Eclipse up and running with Android Development Tools, click here to install those. Downloading libGDX / Creating Projects. LibGDX offers. Setup. The easiest way to include the gdxAI library in your project is to use the libGDX setup tool, which we talked about in the libGDX setup tutorial. Run the setup tool, give your game a name, and make sure you check the Ai box towards the bottom. The Ai checkbox tells the setup

Input Events. Mobile Events. Homework. Now we know how to create a basic libGDX game that consists of some simple animated shapes bouncing around the scene. This demonstrates the lifecycle and animation framework that libGDX provides, but it's not very interesting because it doesn't respond to user input yet We will modify the superjumper libgdx sample available on libgdx's site. Convert it in to a 2 player real-time game using AppWarp Cloud. The game will match the players and the users need to reach to castle to win game. The user will get real-time feedback about the other user's performance adding to the excitement of the game Full LibGDX Game Tutorial - Scene2D. Welcome to part 9 of our Full LibGDX Game Tutorial. This part will focus on the using updating out loading screen to use scene2D. If you haven't seen the earlier parts of this tutorial I advise you to start at Full LibGDX Game Tutorial - Project setup as this tutorial continues from these earlier parts. Start gdx-setup. You will see the main screen of Libgdx Project Generator. Here we can set up our project: Name - you can input the name of your game; Package - your hierarchy of packages.

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Es befinden sich nun LibGDX und das Setup-Tool in einem Ordner. Nun können wir das Setup-Tool durch einen Doppelklick auf die Datei gdx-setup-ui.jar starten, wodurch das Java Runtime Enviroment uns das Programm lädt und anzeigt: Da wir ein neues Projekt anlegen wollen, welches LibGDX verwendet, klicken wir auf die Taste Create. Fehlermeldungen über eine unbekannte Versionsnummer können. Danach benötigt man noch die libgdx Setup App. Das ist nichts weiter als eine Java Datei, welche euch ein Blanko Projekt für das Android Studio erstellt. Im Projekt Setup wird festgelegt, wie das Projekt heißen soll und welche Plattformen und Erweiterungen man verwenden möchte. Zu Beginn reicht die Desktop, Android und HTML Auswahl und das Box2D Feature aus. Zusätzlich muss man noch den. Using LibGDX in IntelliJ with Gradle News / December 1, 2013 August 5, 2020 I make no effort to disguise my dislike for Eclipse yet when working with LibGDX Eclipse is the path of least resistance As mentioned earlier, LibGDX comes with a really useful project setup tool. Download the application from here: http://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/download.html. At the time of writing, it is the big red Download Setup App button in the middle of your screen. Once downloaded, open the command line and navigate to the location of the application. You will notice that it is a JAR file type. This means we need to use Java to run it Create a new LibGDX application. Start by downloading the setup app that LibGDX provides, as well as the Android SDK. I won't go into details about how to set up the SDK since Android already provides in depth guides for that. Run the tool and make sure that you have the Desktop and Android sub-projects, as well the the Box2d extension selected.

Setup admob ads with LibGDX. Easy implementation of admob's interstitial and banner ads. Create a fully running and responsive game with LibGDX. Skip to main content Gamengineering LibGDX Tutorials Search. Search This Blog LibGDX Tutorial - Setup admob ads (How To 13) on July 30, 2018 Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest ; Email; Other Apps; Edit:: As of 18/05/2019, the latest version of. I have problem with background in libGdx. I try solve mine problem with this: In your create() method, create a new Texture referencing your image.png, and then use your existing SpriteBatch to render it in the render() loop. Immediately after your GL.clear() call, go your batch.draw(backgroundTexture, 0. 0) and make sure you're in OrthographicProjection mode for your camera Das Javaprogramm gdx-setup-ui ist in der erweiterten Version 3.0.0 erschienen. Es macht die Arbeit mit dem Spieleentwicklungs-Framework libGDX einfacher. Aurelien Ribon beschreibt die neuen Features auf seiner Webseite im einzelnen: LibGDX Project Setup v3.0.0! Das Tool ist sehr empfehlenswert. Ab sofort ist die Aktualisierung der libGDX-Entwicklungsdateien sowie der Start eines neuen Eclipse

Setup LibGDX with IntelliJ. This tutorial will show how to set up and run libGDX applications using IntelliJ for desktop and Android applications. libGDX is a Java application development. LibGDX project setup At the time of writing this book, LibGDX was in version 1.6.4 and we will use that version. Download the setup app from http://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/download.html and open it LibGDX Tutorial - LibGDX setup using Android Studio (How To 1) Hello everyone, As the title suggests, as an IDE (integrated development environment) or else in common language a thing that helps us write code in it, we are going to use Android Studio

LibGDX-addons is a set of addons, gradle plugins, , to ease the development of games using libGDX and Kotlin. Get ride of all boilerplate to dive directly into the code of your game. Important. This documentation is open source. You can correct it, updated it or add content of you want to. Just Fork it and submit a merge request of your update. Thanks! Getting started. LibGDX use gradle as. In the previous tutorial, we've seen how to setup libgdx for rendering a 3D scene. We've setup a camera, added some lights and rendered a green box. Now let's make things a bit more iteresting by adding loading a model instead of creating a box. The full source, assets and a runnable tests of this tutorial can be found on this github repository And using a uniform at GPU which is not set at CPU also doesn't make sense. In LibGDX both the CPU and GPU parts together make up a Shader. It does whatever it needs to do (but should do not more than that) to render the provided renderable. This might be a bit confusing, because in most literature a shader is referring to only the GPU part (GLSL code). In LibGDX the GPU part (the combination. Luckily, Libgdx comes with a nice tool called Libgdx Project Setup, which can do all of the things described previously. It is able to generate preconfigured projects for a new application, which can be directly imported into Eclipse. To run the tool, open the Windows Explorer, go to C:\libgdx\, and double-click on the gdx-setup-ui file

This tutorial guides you in using the basics of the 3d api LibGDX offers. The full source and a runnable tests of this tutorial can be found on this github repository. I assume you are already familiar with LibGDX, so let's setup a new project and call it Basic3DTest. We will have to implement ApplicationListener, so let's start that from scratch To start you will need to download LibGDX setup application and generate a new project, there is information on getting setup on the LibGDX website. I will be using Eclipse Luna as my editor.. Here is my project setup, to keep this less complicated I am only launching this application on the desktop, I used a random name generator which came up with EvoScape

Libgdx Setup On Linux Platform. In this article we will look at setting up Libgdx on Ubuntu 12.04 from sources and running a sample test utility for 3D models. libGDX is a cross-platform Java game development framework based on OpenGL (ES) that works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, your WebGL enabled browser and iOS. Setting up Eclipse. To develop your application via Eclipse, you need. Ich würde gerne ein Programm in LibGDX schreiben, dieses aus Eclipse exportieren und es anschließend in einem anderen Eclipse Projekt als eine Art Library verwenden, die man mit einer .jar Datei einfach einbinden muss. Dabei wäre es mir ganz recht, wenn das neue Eclipse Projekt einfach pures Java und meine Engine benutzen würde, also ohne dass ich das Projekt mit LibGDX oder Gradle. ktx-async Coroutines context using LibGDX threading model. ktx-box2d Type-safe builders and utilities for Box2D bodies, fixtures and joints. ktx-collections Utilities for LibGDX memory efficient collections When I run libgdx-setup.jar, it asks for android sdk's location, but I am unable to find android sdk's download link in the official website. android libgdx. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Jul 6 '17 at 18:23. arandomguy arandomguy. 514 1 1 gold badge 7 7 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges \$\endgroup\$ 4 \$\begingroup\$ eclipse is unsupported for android development now. \$\endgroup. LibGDX is a open source game development framework. It is written in Java and provides a cross platform API that can target Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other platforms. LibGDX is not a full-blown game engine like, e.g. Unity, but a Java framework, which you can nevertheless use to make a complete game from scratch

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libGDX ist ein Java-Framework für plattformunabhängige Spieleentwicklung.Die Programmbibliothek erlaubt es, das gleiche Projekt auf Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, Blackberry, iOS und Webbrowser auszuführen. libGDX wurde von Mario Zechner erschaffen und auf GitHub als Open-Source-Software unter Verwendung der Apache-2.0-Lizenz freigegeben. Der Name libGDX hat laut Mario Zechner keine. libGDX. Assuming you are a developer already, libGDX is very easy to start with and you don't need to install any additional applications. Just download the Project Setup App which will generate a gradle-based project to be imported in your favorite IDE. The framework requires Java Development Kit 8+ Libgdx is free, Apache 2 licensed open-source software anyone can use to create the games of their dreams. Libgdx is made with love by over 200 contributors around the world. libgdx is running two Linode instances for 45$/month that host the build server, the website, the forum, the blog and provide download space for nightly and release builds. The libgdx core team is kindly asking for. Here just click on the download button, and save the set up app on you desktop or somewhere else on you computer. Step 2 - Install libGDX The requerement of this tutorial is to have installed Android Studio, so you have to have installed Java as well Creating Project in libGDX via gdx-setup.jar. Double click gdx-setup.jar and you will see a gui as below : Change Name to any good name you like , I am using versionpb. Change Package to any package name you like , I am using com.versionpb.demo

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Get the Android SDK and set up a functional eclipse environment; Go to libgdx and checkout the general libgdx-Wiki-Guide Go to Project Setup where you will find a download link to Setup the application - either start it from command line java -jar gdx-setup-ui.jar or just double-click on the downloaded file libGDX: Installation And Setup for Android Studio on a Ma libGDX is a cross-platform Java game development framework based on OpenGL (ES) that works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, your WebGL enabled browser and iOS. Getting Started Setup your development environment (Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, NetBeans) Create a libGDX project Import, Run, Debug and Package your project Eclipse Intellij IDEA NetBean

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LibGDX uses the great Apache 2 License, which—much like LibGDX itself—is open and free. That means no royalties owed to whatever project you work on. It reminds me of a lot of the famous MIT license that other free game engines such as Godot use. A thing I kept coming back to in my mind was that LibGDX is the equivalent to a blank canvas. Although intimidating to creators, the blank canvas represents unlimited opportunity and creativity, and LibGDX gives off that vibe The Libgdx framework comes with a Core module along with modules for Desktop, HTML/GWT, Android and IOS. This framework allows for the game to be maintained in the Core module, while.

LibGDX + Kotlin: Part 2, Guice and Ashley Basic SetupLoading models using libGDX | blog

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If you have started out to build a game with libGDX, you've were probably creating and disposing textures out like this: public class MyGdxGame extends ApplicationAdapter { SpriteBatch batch; Texture badlogic; @Override public void create () { batch = new SpriteBatch (); badlogic = new Texture (badlogic.jpg); } @Override public void. There were no 'Hiero' class to be found anywhere in the project that I generated from the setup jar downloaded from libgdx's website. Then I decided that it could be under one of the option when generating a new project from the jar. So, I found out that you will have to check the 'tools' check box before generating from the jar file. Here's an image to illustrate what I meant. Find games made with libGDX like Mindustry, Feud, Unciv, MewnBase, Mindustry Classic on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace. A satirical office life simulation game set in a fictional capitalistic dystopia. tulevik.EU. Simulation. Meganoid(2017) $8.99 (Steam key included) a Spelunky and Meat-boy love child in space. Orangepixel . Platformer. Wildermyth. $20. Defend the Yondering. fighter, libGDX, Local multiplayer Install instructions To run the desktop version, please install the latest version of Java 14: https://adoptopenjdk.net/?variant=openjdk14&jvmVariant=hotspo libGDX is a free and open-source game-development application framework written in the Java programming language with some C and C++ components for performance dependent code. It allows for the development of desktop and mobile games by using the same code base. It is cross-platform, supporting Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and web browsers with WebGL support

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mmorpg-server-core: Für Klassen/Libs die im Server genutz werden. Wenn man das Tool LIBGDX zur Erzeugung der Projekte verwendet, sollte bei der Erzeugung Advanced Setting Create Eclipse Projekt aktiviert sein. Danach ist ein Import in Eclipse einfach. From the libgdx-1.6.0 archive you will need to extract the gdx-setup.jar file libGDX is a cross-platform Java game development framework based on OpenGL (ES) that works on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, your browser and iOS. libGDX provides a well-tried and robust environment for rapid prototyping and fast iterations

Libgdx debug android - running and debugging a libgdx projectLearning's: Getting started with Libgdx & Android Studio

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Part of that may be because the Project Setup tutorial in the official libgdx wiki has you creating a Game class, which is also different than the com.badlogic.gdx.Game class. Details. When you start developing a libgdx app, you will set up your project to where the Android starter (AndroidApplication class) and/or Desktop starter (LwjglApplication or JoglApplication) projects initialize an. Recently i got interested to vuforia and libGDX integration. I have controlled the previous jobs but not any of them were working correctly and im beginner to android and gradle problems. The best one working was for daemontus. but only his old version of vuforia libgdx was working which is not going to be supported anymore for tracing the targets by vuforia. but i need to implement the.

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libGDX eignet sich für 2D- als auch 3D-Spiele und ist relativ einfach strukturiert, so dass man in wenigen Stunden von einer Idee zu einem Ergebnis kommen kann. Die seit mittlerweile 2009 in der Entwicklung befindliche Engine wurde 2010 erstmalig veröffentlicht und hat sich seitdem stetig weiterentwickelt Setup libgdx in Clojure. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. jmingtan / gist:6319600. Created Aug 23, 2013. Star 0 Fork 0; Code Revisions 1. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Clone via HTTPS. ВКонтакте - универсальное средство для общения и поиска друзей и одноклассников, которым ежедневно пользуются десятки миллионов человек. Мы хотим, чтобы друзья, однокурсники, одноклассники, соседи и коллеги всегда.

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